Woodworking Projects for Kids

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In this day and age, we often hear complaints about children spending too much time in front of the television or playing video games. Here is an idea, how about getting kids involved in things that kids used to do. Gone are the days of the after school activity thanks to budget constraints, but that does not mean that there are not activities for kids to participate in.

A prime example is woodworking projects for kids. This is a fun activity that gets kids to work with their hands and minds. One of the most common projects for kids is building a birdhouse. For younger children, this activity can be done with Popsicle sticks, glue, and a touch of paint. As children get older, the materials and complexity of this project can be stepped up to match the age level.

Airplanes and cars also make excellent selections for childhood woodworking activities that will provide them something to play with after they are done. Pieces can be pre-cut so that there is no risk of injury to the child. For older children, the can be shown how to cut the wood with supervision. You will want to make sure that you explain safety steps to the children so that they pick up good practices early.

Another great project that is relatively easy to make is a checkerboard. Kids love to play checkers, and this will provide the opportunity to design a board that is to their liking. It does not have to conform to the traditional red and black that is commonly seen at the department store. This can be a creation that is uniquely their own.

Picture frames are the perfect project for beginning woodworkers. This will give kids a chance to use sandpaper, paint, glue, and possibly a stain. The idea is to get them involved and engaged. Add a learning element into the activity without them realizing they are learning. It should be more about having fun. This way, they are more likely to remain interested.

There are countless projects and activities that children can complete as they become more experienced with the tools used in woodworking projects. Showing them to how to build something they can use as a toy or a gift for mom or dad will teach them craftsmanship and possibly unlocking the next great furniture crafter. The key to success is to show them how to do it, and make it something fun to do. By showing them at an early age they can create with their hands, they will learn to appreciate fine workmanship.

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