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Many people aspire to building furniture, toys for children and even full-sized sailboats. There is something exciting about making things yourself with wood and woodworking is one of the most popular activities done in home workshops around the nation. While some people have a natural knack for creating things from scratch, most beginners can learn quite a bit by working from plans or patterns that are commercially available for any kind of project imaginable.

Woodworking patterns give amateur and professional woodworkers alike all the information they need to be able to build any item they choose.

  • There are plans available for any kind of furniture imaginable: chair, benches, sideboards, tables, dressers, and cabinets.
  • Many woodworking patterns offer blueprints for making outdoor projects such as decks and sheds. Children’s toys are also a popular category.
  • There are plans for dollhouses, playhouses, and miniature trucks and cars.

Most plans come with instructions. They are easy to use.

  1. The hobbyist simple traces the pieces, cuts out the tracing and transfers the pattern to the piece of wood to be cut.
  2. The instructions explain how the project is to be assembled, just like building a model airplane from a kit.
  3. “Exploded diagrams” show how all the pieces fit together, while “isometric diagrams” show the project in 3-D perspective.
  4. The diagrams and instructions make it easy to tackle a project step-by-step.

Starting out with woodworking patterns is a good way for an amateur to begin working towards the fine art of cabinetmaking. Some plans offer detailed instructions about how to make various joints, such as dovetail joints. Once the craftsperson masters joinery, with a little practice the possibilities are endless. Plans often come with instructions about what kind of hardware to use, what kind of wood to use, which types of tools are best, and how to finish the wood. Little by little, the hobbyist can become a professional, learning significantly with each project. Good woodcrafters learn their trade via a slow accumulation of knowledge.

It pays to be picky when choosing plans. Imagine building a wooden sailboat from plans. Building it right could be a matter of life or death. On this level it is easy to understand that plans, patterns and instructions are a form of engineering. Even for simple projects, it is a good idea to look for the best quality engineering you can find. If you have ever tried to assemble a cheap product using incomplete or faulty instructions, you will easily understand the advantage of good engineering.


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