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Woodworking has become more and more popular over the years. There are as many reasons as there are people doing it. One is of course because the price of quality furniture is becoming so high that some feel it is cheaper and more practical to make their own instead of buying. The whole process of making something wonderful out of basic materials is often soothing and can be extremely therapeutic for some. It is also a good way to spend some quality time together, whether it is building something as simple as a birdhouse, or complex as a tree or play house. This way families have the opportunity enjoy each other’s company, and make something that will last a lifetime.

There are more projects out there than you can shake a stick at. There are plans that require just the basic tools and knowledge to plans that require a number of power tools, and extensive knowledge. If you are tired of the run of the mill projects out there, why not try woodworking bench plans? There are a number of plans available from a variety of resources. You can find many online, a number of them are free, or very inexpensive.

Why would you want to make benches instead of other kinds of projects? Well for starters, everybody can use a good bench. You can build bench seats that go in the mud room, so friends and family can come in, sit down and take of their outside shoes and coats. These benches can be simple sturdy structures, or they can be quite elaborate, with lifting seats and plenty of storage space for dry clothes, indoor shoes, or even extra clothing or accessories.

Benches can be used inside and out, really anywhere you may need to sit down or put something on. Outdoor benches can be a wonderful reprieve from a long day working in the yard, and can be used to store small tools.

You can use benches in the garden or greenhouse for putting plants on, with shelves below to store soil, extra planters, or whatever you think of. In a garage a bench is an ideal workspace, for many different projects, including your woodworking projects. These can be invaluable because they can be their own workspace, self contained and portable.

Benches are often used in bedrooms at the end of the bed to sit on while getting dressed or undressed, watch television, or even just for spending time with your spouse or partner. Again, these can be just simple places to sit, or have storage space for extra blankets, sheets, or just about anything else.

As mentioned earlier, you can find woodworking bench plans from a variety of resources. Going online can provide the biggest selection of these plans.


What kind of bench, how simple or complex it is really depends on what you are interested in doing as a project. Whether you choose a free plan or buy it also depends on you, but here are a few helpful tips so you can find the best plans.

Woodworking Bench Plan Tips

Always makes sure the plan/s you choose are complete with step-by-step instructions.

  1. The more detailed the better, with blueprints, illustrations, and even videos to help you, especially if these have special requirements.
  2. Make sure your plan has full listings of the materials you need to complete the project, as well as the tools.
  3. A good plan will also offer suggestions on where to purchase these items, and many helpful tips to make the job easier.
  4. You may also want to consider a site that offers a number of different bench plans and designs, since after the first project you will probably want to work on more.


Woodworking Bench Plans Resources:

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